Game of life

Did you know?

Pulsar is the fourth most common oscillator in the game of life.

Python Powered

Pulsar loves python as much as the minion in the image!


Pulsar needs a logo, can you design one for us?

Logo 1

By Luca Sbardella


Logo 2

By Luca Sbardella

Inspired from one of the pulsar oscillator images


Logo 3

By Luca Sbardella

_images/pulsar-logo.svg _images/pulsar-banner.svg

Logo 4

By Ralf Hölzemer

A worm’s eye view with a spiral to symbolize the rotational energy of a Pulsar. Creative commons license.

_images/pulsar_colored_logo_only.svg _images/pulsar_monochome_logo_only.svg _images/pulsar_colored_id_horizontal.svg